Height 80 mm
Width 38 mm
Depth 42 mm
Weight 160 g
Material Zinc alloy with rubberized finish
Battery 2 x 18650
Available Mode PWR, Curve, Ni200, SS316, SS317, Ti, TCR, TFR
Variable Wattage 5W - 180W
Temperature Control 1001 - 300 °C
Variable Voltage -
Resistance Range 0.1ohm - 2.5ohm
Screen -
Charging Port Micro USB (DC 5V/1A)
Thread 510, flexible spring


Brand Asmodus
Release Date August 2016
Colors Black, Grey, Purple, Green, Brown and White


- Touch Screen 
- Hyper energy saving capability (Prolongs battery life by approximately 15%-30%)

ASMODUS MINIKIN V2 180W - Pictures

Reviews and Opinions

01 Oct 2021
Lara Schneider
First impressions:
- Extremely good build quality, feels solid, no rattles, battery door is nice and secure
- Finish is excellent, "soft" to the touch, feels hard wearing
- Feels nice in the hand, easy to grip
- 510 seems pretty sturdy, although can imagine that the top surface may suffer from atty rash with enough time (protector may help)
- Button is nicely weighted, with a positive click but slightly "spongy" feel to it (I quite like that)
- Screen is clear and bright (has brightness adjustment, nice)
- Touchscreen stuff seems responsive, doesn't unlock when touched (needs a swipe down) so prevents accidental settings changes
- Menu is straightforward and contains enough options to keep anyone happy
- Fairly weighty, but to be expected from a dual battery mod
- Sled is well marked with +/-, easy to insert and remove batteries
08 Aug 2021
Oprah Windfury
Excellent mods. Love the little colossal too.
I haven't found any fault with amodus stuff for the price.
Only downside I've ever seen is the touchscreen crack if dropped. But that's life today with phones and tablets.
13 Nov 2021
Oprah Windfury
I found cons to the previous 7 various brands of mods I have bought. This Minikin 2 is all pros. If you want all day battery life at 60 watts, you've got it. How about simple af user interface? It's there. Quality feel and weighty. I rock my chrome with a matching Falcon King atomizer. Couldn't ask for a better mod.
Totally glad I bought it. Well Read more about review stating Best Mod Evrrrworth the $.
27 Jul 2021
I didn't think I'd like the touch screen either but the simplistic menu system made me forget about it. With the recent firmware updates, it does seem to respond better. The curve setting is awesome for those extremely exotic builds that require a good ramp up.
The only thing that I don't quite care for is my button is stiff to press and can only be pressed directly in the middle. I'd had a ton of 'misfires' where I think I have the button pressed in.
Other than that small issue, battery life last longer than any other 2 cell mod I have. Shape and size is damn near perfect. Weight is a bit heavier but it makes it feel like I am holding onto something sturdy.
9.5/10 - Would buy again.
31 Oct 2021
Been using it for a week. Very good in power mode but TC and TCR are not ready for primetime. TCR seems unrelated to wire modes selected. 
Example; whatever wire mode you select, the TCR value is the same as last selection, irregardless of wire type. Very weird! This mod needs an update. 
Comfortable, stable on table, nice power mode, nice screen that makes adjusting very easy.