Height 108.3 mm
Width 22.5 mm
Depth 12.6 mm
Weight 60 g
Output Wattage 18 W
E-Liquid Capacity 2 ml
Fill System Top Fill System, Mouthpiece Fill Cap
Battery 690 mAh
Coil - Uwell Caliburn G Coil Series - 0.8ohm UN2-Meshed-H Coil
Firing - Draw-Activated - Button Press
Charging USB Type-C


Release Date September 2020
Rosy Brown, Green, Grey, Red, Black, Blue
Material Aluminium, PCTG


  • Press Fit Coil Installation
  • Magnetic Pod Connection
  • 2 Different Airflow - MTL & DTL

Uwell CALIBURN G - Pictures

Reviews and Opinions

14 Aug 2021
Queen of Vape
Bought one an hour ago. Coming from 3 consecutive Smok Novo 2s. 
My first impressions are: What I like— 
It hits pretty hard, harder than my Novos (still figuring out if I like this, might be a little too hard for my preference. I liked the hit from my Novos). It has USB type C. It has the adjustable airflow, you can definitely notice the difference (I prefer the tighter airflow). I like how you refill it. I got a rose gold Caliburn G, which is beautiful btw! 
What I don’t like— 
The mouthpiece, how you replace the coil (although the coils are cheaper compared to Novos). The button!! I hate having the button because I’m bad at remembering to turn it off. I keep my vape in my pocket all day and hit it periodically so it’s a pain in the ass having to 5-click turn it on and off. 
03 Jul 2021
Lara Schneider
I've had my Caliburn G since the day it was released, I normally use the  0.8 coil but i prefer the 1.0 now due to 0.8 being to hot, its only leaked once or twice, human error by not pushing in the coil enough, 0.8  and 1.0 always lasted me longer then 1 week and I've never had a dud coil, i gave up the big tanks since using this bad boy, high VG is not a  option at all far to tight to get a draw, hope this helps anyone's decision making ! , flavor on 0.8 and 1.0 are both great !
06 Oct 2021
Fredrick Valdez
Just got it today and while yeah it's decent, it's also very different from the OG Caliburn which is my daily stealth. It feels like a refreshed device, but the one thing which annoys me is the glossy mouthpiece.. where on the OG it's a textured/matte plastic. 
Considering the OG pods last forever I don't think I'll be switching.
11 Aug 2021
I'm so pumped for this one. Love the simplicity of the original caliburn and the koko. Had 3 caliburns and 2 koko's but never had one break. Always lost some bc my own stupidity. Know nothing about "Ohms" and stuff so the caliburn was always perfect for me, with saltnic