UWELL Koko Prime POD

UWELL Koko Prime POD
Height 68 mm
Width 45.6 mm
Depth 16 mm
Weight 48 g
Output Wattage 18 watts
E-Liquid Capacity 2 ml
Fill System Top-Fill
Battery 690 mAh
Coil - 0.8ohm UN2 Meshed-H Coil - 1.0ohm FeCrAl Coil
Firing Draw-Activated
Charging USB Type-C, Passtrough capability


Release Date September 2020
Black, Blue, Grey, Purple, Green, Red
Material Zinc-Alloy Chassis Construction


  • Top Fill System - Silicone Check Valve
  • Magnetic Pod Connection
  • Lanyard Attachment Point
  • Press-Fit Coil Installation
  • Open-Circuit Indication
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Low Power Indication
  • Dimensions: 68 x 45.6 x 16 mm

UWELL Koko Prime - Pictures

Reviews and Opinions

08 Jun 2021
Anabella Goncalves
There is no button to press, so no need to remember to always turn it off by clicking 5 times before throwing it in my pocket. Funnily, the only times I ever needed to change coils was when I burnt coils in my Caliburn due to the constant accidental button pressing, hence the Koko is now my go to pocket friendly device.
04 Jul 2021
Lindsay Melton
I been vaping 12 years. I never thought I would use salts. I have been through 5 caliburn, 3 koko. Its the best vape. It has no plastic taste like the novo2 pods. They last forever. Love it and the necklace
23 Jul 2021
Colin Hawkins
It was super easy to use and I loved the convenience but after like 2 days I would be literally choking on the juice it spit back at me and it was constantly leaking everywhere lmao
10 Aug 2021
Emery Lutz
I have both, because my old koko was broken, so i bought this koko prime, i prefer old koko for MTL, because this koko prime just too much air, even though i'm already put the cartridge for MTL mode, but i got so much more flavors with koko prime
06 Aug 2021
Born Confused
At the end of the day, these KOKO Primes got me back using the Caliburn G batteries a lot more.
I like the KOKO don't get me wrong, but it is much more of a "lanyard" vape. Form factor is much more suited to that. The Caliburn G is a much more normal natural shape we are used to. It works for a reason. Exact same vape, different form factors.