Bishop RTA 4ml MTL Tank

Bishop RTA 4ml MTL Tank
Type RTA
Diameter 22 mm
Height 50 mm
Weight 40.5 g
Material 316 Stainless steel, Glass
Volume 4 ml
Thread 510
Drip Tip 510
Filling Bottom-fill
Airflow Adjustable side airflow


Rebuildable Yes
Replaceable No


Brand Ambition Mods
Release Date November 2020
Colors SS, Black, Gunmetal


  • Super silent draw
  • Quick access deck
  • Customizable air pins from 2 x 0.8mm, 2 x 1.0mm, 2 x 1.2mm, plus a Blind Air Pin
  • Dripping juice feeding system to keep juice fresh and clean
  • Wide juice refill area

Bishop RTA 4ml MTL - Pictures

Reviews and Opinions

21 Dec 2021
Grammar Jew
I usually prefer a single 1.2 mm which gives you a 4.52 mm2 but 2 x 1 mm = 6.24mm2 so a fraction looser in theory, but it doesn't feel as much in practice. 
A very easy build and flavour that improved as the juice was used up. Some small negatives - you have to build your coil the reverse way, not a problem but you do need to remember that. The capture screws could have been a fraction larger as well (although round wire was easy to capture). Lastly a simple top fill method would be useful.
Overall a nicely made attie
07 Nov 2021
Celeste Mata
I gave it a try because of the good reviews... Its a good rta, no leakings, very tight if one airflow-hole is closed, super quiet. Wicking is so easy! BUT I get very muted flavour compared to my pioneer rta or my kayfun (clone). I also have the problem with one side of the cotton getting brown very fast while the other side is still in good condition. 
21 Aug 2021
mtl rta's with side airflow directly to the coils are quite fiddly to setup to get your vaping "sweet spot". you really have to play with the coil resistance and placement to get your vaping "sweet spot". not like mtl rta's with bottom airflow to the coil that you can only raise or lower the coil to get your vaping "sweet spot" :)
01 Sep 2021
Born Confused
As an Indonesian, we usually do MTL with 26-27-28 gauge round wire, the inner diameter is 2.5mm with spaced coil. It's worth to try.
16 Sep 2021
No issues with flavour for me. Juice Cabin NETs taste good. Nice throat hit too. Good build quality and wicking well.

My only complaint is a few drops of e-liquid are coming out of the drip tip if I turn it upside down to refill. Anyone else experiencing this? Could be my wicking. Still on my first build. This never happens with my favourites, like the FeV or my 415.